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Large Touch Screen Monitors Vs Small Screen Monitors

large touch screen monitors

Large touch screen monitors are becoming more and more popular. Large touch screen displays have many benefits over small ones. When it comes to comparing small touch screen monitors versus large touch screen monitors, the large screen provides many more benefits to the end-user.

When you are working many hours a day, you need efficient workstations that can handle and easily view a lot of information at the same time.

For example, a plan reviewer/plans examiner has a tough job. It’s not easy to communicate with a wide range of users, ensure that codes are followed, and do all of the tasks promptly.

iPlanTables recognizes the need for these processes to move away from manually printing, shipping, and scanning data. Instead, an iPlanTables plan review table workstation can be used by any plan reviewer, plans examiner, or anybody who views plans. It’s as though you’re using a massive touchscreen tablet!

iPlanTables offers a variety of touch screen monitor workstations, ranging from stationary to sit-stand, all to meet the needs of reviewers who need to deal with thousands of plan pages quickly, precisely, and pleasantly.

An iPlanTables workstation with a large touchscreen monitors and multiple rotating side monitors allows you to look at your plans and codebook simultaneously.

For example, touch screen workstations can be arranged in a compact footprint space, or existing flatwork tables can be converted into plan review table stations.

Large Touch Screen Monitors – How Are They Beneficial for Contractors

  • The most critical responsibility for any contractor or project manager is to ensure you’re working with the most up-to-date information and the most up-to-date collection of documentation. You may avoid rummaging through heaps of paper to handle your information by using an iPlanTables workstation. In addition, it’s no longer necessary to write sticky notes on top of sticky notes to ensure that your subs know the most recent modifications.
  • Using multiple large touch screen monitors on your iPlanTables allows you to view both plans and specifications simultaneously without having to pan, zoom constantly, and scroll across your small desktop or laptop screen.
iPlanTables workstation
  • You can save money by eliminating unneeded printing on paper or plotter prints, increasing your project team’s communication. Questions about the project are responded to in minutes, not days.
  • Another benefit is that instead of using paper plans, three-ring binders, or difficult-to-navigate DVDs, you can hand over the entire project to the project owner on the iPlanTables touch screen tables for less money than current project close-out costs!

Large Touch Screen Monitors – How Does It Help Estimators?

Estimating is faster because you can easily mark up and execute a set of plans using an iPlanTables touch screen table workstation. One of the best and crucial benefits of using an iPlanTables workstation is Estimators can throw away their Sharpie markers, highlighters, rulers, and protractors. By looking at full-size drawings on a touchscreen workstation, you may perform on-screen comments, estimates, and communication using iPlanTables huge touchscreen monitors.

touchscreen monitors.

All of the iPlanTables products are very compatible with Windows and browser-based apps. From our famous sit-stand desk workstation FM-ELT to our Desktop Commander, which fits on your existing desk surface, you can choose the type that works best for you.

Estimators can have a better-than-paper experience with an iPlanTables touch screen table workstation. It also helps you share information with others and work from different locations.

iPlanTables Also Brings You the Best Digital Drafting Table for Architects and Engineers

  • Architects and engineers deal with large-format materials regularly. They are forced to squint at small, numerous monitors, making navigating the drawing sets more complicated. Architects and engineers can work on a full-size sheet in real-time utilizing an iPlanTables large touch screen monitor workstation instead of having to constantly pan, zoom, and scroll with their mouse and small desktop or laptop monitors.
sit-stand desk model
  • In today’s projects, 3-D or BIM integration is a significant aspect of communication. Because we use sharp 4k wide-format touchscreens, the iPlanTables sit-stand desk model is unrivaled in dealing with that imagery.

Large Touch Screens Monitors Are Being Added to College and University Classrooms

  • You must set the bar and prepare your students for the future by implementing iPlanTables huge touch screen monitors into your construction management or engineering degree program curriculums. Therefore, you will maintain a leadership position in instilling creativity in your students, which they’ll use to transform the industry in the workplace after they graduate.
  • “It’s no use teaching history, going back to slide rules,” one School of Construction Professor said. Instead, an iPlanTables is an electronic touch screen table workstation that appears and functions like a giant tablet that assists students in learning about the technology they would use in their job.
  • Paper plans and small screens are no longer necessary at the job site and in the classroom. Our wide-format large touch screen monitor workstation, which emulates a better-than-paper experience for the industry’s future, is the future of construction information management of engineering and construction drawings.

Touch screen monitors – When project documents are archived, everyone has access to the same information

An iPlanTables touch screen table workstation is an excellent substitute for in-house plan rooms. It replaces five-drawer files and plans hangers by condensing everything into a 3×5 foot footprint. An iPlanTables plan review table can store hundreds of thousands of paper sheets and serve as a kiosk for archivists or anybody who needs to see your plans.

Why an iPlanTables Workstation?

  • Choosing to work on an iPlanTables is a professional choice and it is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to work with wide format plan sheets.
  • iPlanTables manufactures its own USA Made touch screen monitor stands.
  • iPlanTables are built with the highest quality steel.
  • iPlanTables can custom build to your touch screen computer screen workstation specifications.
plan review tables

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