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When doing your research ask about the origin of the stand. iPlanTables is the only fully integrated manufacturer in the field. Our multi-monitor steel mobile workstations are number one in the industry!

Single Stand - Single Monitors Are Just Not Powerful Enough for Today's Information Workflows

Helping You See the Big Picture

You Don't Like Half-Size Prints             Why Would You Use Half-Size Monitors!

Some of our National Clients

Kurtzman and Assoc.


Over 10 Models

  • Professional Grade Components
  • ​Full Size Keyboard & Mouse Work Surface (perfect for shortcut keys)
  • ​2nd Monitor Standard
  • ​3rd, 4th monitors available
  • The industry's finest mobile cart
  • ​Multiple Monitor Selections
  • ​Powerful Desktop PC's

​(never an imbedded pc)