“You Can Buy a Cheaper Workstation – But You Can’t Buy a Better One”

We get asked all the time "What is the advantage of an iPlanTables workstation?"

There are many advantages...

  • Touchscreens are intuitive to humans, they can be twice as fast as using a mouse
  • The Sit-Stand health benefits are well-documented, and it is much more comfortable for professionals who must work at their desks all-day
  • An iPlanTablesworkstation adds a multiple monitor advantage to help discern the information - separating the wide-format document and using smaller monitors for other daily tasks
  • Our industrial touchscreen monitors eliminate the constant pan-zoom-scroll that is required when using small monitors and a mouse
  • Touchscreen monitors eliminate plotting costs
  • View plans and documents at your fingertips on touch screen monitors… without the paper cuts!
  • Document retrieval in minutes not hours
  • Plan Reviewers and Examiners want to be able to see the drawings. An iPlanTables plan review table allows them to view 30x42 drawings for their profession
  • Collaboration with others is professional, no having to look over a co-worker's shoulders or trying to share a tablet
  • The iPlanTablesworkstation is a perfect Swiss Army Knife for offices, project trailers, and project information kiosks.

The Professional's Choice

iPlanTables are a powerful tool for anyone who works with wide-format plan sheets
  • Plan Reviewers
  • Contractors
  • Project Managers
  • Estimators
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Plan Rooms
  • Archivists
  • Designers
  • Community Development
  • Workstations in over 45 states, Canada, Africa, Brazil and Spain

9 Base Models - Hundreds of Combinations

USA flag

  • iPlanTablesmanufactures their own USA Made touchscreen monitor stands
  • iPlanTablesare built with the highest quality steel and not flimsy AV stands
  • iPlanTablescan custom build to your touch screen computer screen workstation specifications

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Competition (?)
Base Mobile Cart built in USA by iPlanTables Imported
Turnkey NA
9 models 1 Model
Built for Plan Reviewers, Project Managers, Superintendents, Archivists and Plan Sheet users from Day One Built for Audio Visual
Multi monitors-up to 5 Single monitor
External PC-not impacted by heat from Micro to Xeon-standard Or you can provide Your Own Optional-Embedded PC slows with heat of monitor, no options
Surge protector-standard NA
UPS Battery back-up-standard NA
Webcam NA
Articulating keyboard work surface -standard Fixed and optional
Conference Room Height-79" NA-59"
Job site casters NA
Custom Corporate Colors NA
Printer Plate optional NA
Apple TV available NA
Wireless keyboard & Mouse standard NA
Logitech Conference Cam Available NA


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