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The Short…

iPlanTables is the nation’s leading supplier of wide-format touchscreen display workstations for plan reviewers, plans examiners, and managers.

We design different touch screen monitor models to help view and markup construction plans, specs, spreadsheets, and images for clients wanting to move from a paper-based workflow to a digital one. They are ideal for desktops, sit-stand workstations, conference rooms, and job trailers.

Kevin Rowe President

…And The Long of It

Kevin’s entire career was spent providing paper prints to his architectural, engineering, and construction-based clients. After spending 32 years providing blueprinting services and managing and growing five-fold one of the National Reprographics Shops of the Year in Kansas City, Kevin knew there was a better way to view a project’s plans and specs using digital format documents.
In the winter of 2010, Kevin sketched out the beginnings of an electronic plan table on the back of a napkin. In 2011, the first iPlanTables was built in the USA in the basement of his home.

In the years since Kevin and his company assisted hundreds of clients to go digital in their plan review and markup process. He confronted the construction industry’s “I’d rather fight than switch” mentality. He showed that even an old dog can learn new tricks using a wide-format touch screen monitor that lets you view your entire drawing without the constant panning, zooming, and scrolling on small desktop monitors or laptops.

The iPlanTables team is not about the hard sell. It’s about providing a solution to paper drawings. To lost time searching for the documents in back storage rooms. To saving countless man hours viewing project plans and specs. In six words, it’s all about solutions and service. And many clients become repeat customers providing multiple iPlanTables touchscreen display workstations to their department and company staff.

From a sit-stand desktop workstation for individual use, to a wall mount touch screen application for training or conference room mode, iPlanTables looks forward to discussing your move to a “better than paper” solution.

An iPlanTables sit-stand desktop workstation can help make viewing your plans and being more productive and efficient with your project information just as painless as it has for our other clients. We even have a wall mount touch screen model for digital training and conference room collaboration.

Let us help you on your next project as you move from paper-based documents to digital. We’d enjoy working with you. Feel free to let us know how we can help, here.

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