Why an iPlanTable?

Plan Review Table for Plan Reviewers

Plan reviewers have a tough job. Communicating with a wide range of users, ensuring that codes are met and doing so in a time sensitive manner — not easy!

iPlanTables understands the need for these processes to stop manually printing, shipping, and scanning this information. Every Plan Reviewer, Plans Examiner, or anyone who views plans can use an iPlanTables plan review table workstation. It’s like using a giant touchscreen tablet!

Our wide range of touchscreen workstations from stationary to Sit-Stand desks address the needs of all reviewers to deal with thousands of plan pages quickly, accurately, and more comfortably.

Incorporating a large touch screen monitor with multiple rotating side monitors on an iPlanTables workstation allows you to look at your plans and code book at the same time.

More than one Plan Reviewer? Touch screen workstations can be placed in small footprint spaces, or you can convert existing flatwork surfaces into plan review table stations.

Plan reviewer
touch screen tables for contractor or project manager

Contractors or Project Managers

The most important task for any contractor or project manager is to make certain that you are looking at the most current information…the most current set of documents.

By using an iPlanTables workstation, you can ensure you are not digging through piles of paper to manage your information. There is no longer a need to write sticky notes to put on top of sticky notes to make sure your subs are seeing the latest changes.

Using multiple monitors on your iPlanTables allows you to look at both plans and specs at the exact same time without having to constantly pan, zoom and scroll across your current small desktop or laptop screen.

Not only do you eliminate unnecessary printing on paper or plotter prints, but you also improve the communication process with your project team. Project questions are answered in minutes not days.

Another advantage is you can turn over the whole project on the iPlanTables touch screen tables to the project owner instead of using paper plans, three-ring binders, or difficult to navigate DVD’s — for less money than current project close-out costs!


Estimating with an iPlanTables touch screen table workstation is faster because you can quickly mark-up and navigate a set of plans. One of the main advantages to an estimator is you can get rid of your Sharpie markers, highlighters, rulers, and protractors. With iPlanTables large touch screen monitors, you can perform on-screen annotations, estimating, and communication by looking at full-size drawings on a touchscreen workstation.

All our models work with any windows or browser-based softwares. You can select the model that works the best for you — from our popular sit-stand desk workstation FM-ELT to our Desktop Commander which fits on your existing desk surface.

An iPlanTables touch screen table workstation allows a better-than-paper experience for estimators. It also allows you to share this information with others, as well as work from multiple locations.

Estimating with an iPlanTables touch screen tables
large touch screen monitor workstation

Architects and Engineers

Architects and Engineers work with wide-format documents daily. They are forced to squint at small multiple monitors that make it harder to navigate the drawing sets. By using an iPlanTables large touch screen monitor workstation, architects and engineers can work on a full-size sheet in real time without having to constantly pan, zoom and scroll with their mouse and small desktop or laptop monitors.

3-D or BIM integration is a large part of communication on today’s projects. The iPlanTables sit stand desk model is unparalleled in dealing with that imagery since we use crisp 4k wide-format touchscreens.

Colleges and Universities

By incorporating iPlanTables large touch screen monitors into your construction management or engineering degree program curriculums, you are setting the bar and preparing your students for the future. You are moving towards maintaining a leadership position in educating your students with innovation that they will be using to reshape the industry in the workplace after their graduation.

As one School of Construction professor said, “There’s no use in teaching history, going back to slide rules.” An iPlanTables is an electronic touch screen table workstation that looks and acts like a big tablet and helps educate students on what they will be utilizing in the workplace.

Paper plans and small screens are no longer needed at the job site, and no longer needed in the classroom. The future of construction information management, of engineering drawings, is our wide-format large touch screen monitor workstation that emulates better-than-paper experience for the future of the industry.

Touch screen monitors for colleges and university
Touch screen tables for Facility Manager


An iPlanTables touch screen table workstation is an excellent replacement for in-house plan rooms and replaces five drawer files and plan hangers by consolidating all that space currently used into a 3×5 feet footprint. An iPlanTables plan review table can archive hundreds of thousands of sheets of paper, plus provides a kiosk environment for archivists or anyone else who needs to view your sets of plans.

Archiving project documents ensures everyone is looking at the same information.

Our Competition? Not Really!

Simple Tilt Stands are Just That — Our Competition. Monitors on a ’Foo-Foo’ stand have no provision for critical, a standard iPlanTables features:

sit stand workstation | Value series
4 screen monitor setup

iPlanTables has Over Nine Professional Grade Models & Hundreds of Combinations Available

iPlanTables sold the first version of this stand over 8 years ago. Durability and ’wobble’ became an issue, and we developed our current mobile cart, available only from iPlanTables.

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