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Feel the Difference. How Technology Is Changing How We Use Huge Touch screen Monitor

What Can You Do in 13 Seconds?

iPlanTables presents Huge Touch screen Monitor to increase your performance and productivity.

If you are a football fan and watch the games–or could care less about football – I thought you’d also be inspired by what the Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid said to his star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, with 13 seconds left in the game, down by three points: “When it’s grim, be the grim reaper.”

“It’s about…time.”

Large Touchscreen Monitors

Mahomes is one of the top candidates to win the NFL’s MVP of the year.

But we’re more interested in his productivity. Thirteen seconds is a long enough time to accomplish a team upset…and he proved it on the field. The Chiefs won the game.

Bigger is Better: Huge Touch Screen Monitor

What size of TV do you watch at home…and why? There’s just something about watching television on a huge touch screen monitor that makes the experience more enjoyable. The larger image fills your field of vision, and you can see the details much better. The same is true for construction professionals and anyone working in the AEC and plan review industries who are trying to view 30×42 construction and building drawings. They want to be able to see the drawings full-size, without paper.

What is the cost of the lost time (plan review and estimating errors!) spent panning, zooming, and scrolling to view and manage your project plans?

Multiply the lost time of antiquated processes times the number of employees times the number of hours worked in a year. That’s a significant number spent each year.

huge touch screen monitor

Sit Stand workstation – We want you to take a look at the feedback our clients provide after installing our workstations:

  • “We are buying one unit. Go away, and we will call you if we like it.” {This customer purchased 19 more units}
  • “An employee changed jobs – his one demand? He had to have an iPlanTables workstation as he had at his last job.” (This client purchased two workstations).
  • “We love our iPlanTables workstations. They have taken a job we dread to one that we actually enjoy – yes enjoy!”
huge touchscreens

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Just the other day, a client of ours in Indiana called us to share how excited he was about his iPlanTables and what it did for his business. He decreased his estimating time by 35%, which allowed him to make two extra bids a week which was huge for his business.

Since 2011, we’ve demonstrated to our clients that this is not a revolution but an evolution. Just as protractors and slide rules moved to the computer age, viewing construction documents can now match those productivity gains.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for switching from paper-based processes to electronic project information management. We work with every client to discuss your procedure and the best solution for your company and your staff.

wall mount

iPlanTables can help make viewing your plans and being more productive and efficient with your project information just as painless as it did for our Indiana client.

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