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Plan Review Table: Best 5 Functions For Plan Reviews

Electronic plan review challenges the current paper-based process and reapplies it in electronic form.

The role of building design and construction has been shaped by technology. For example, a process that used to take weeks can now be completed in a matter of days. 

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Plan Review Table: Common Problems and How We Solve Them

Common Problem

  • Plans and images require review, annotation, communication, presentation, and discussion. 
  • Screens on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers are inadequate.
  • Presentations can be made using touch screens and wall-mounted displays, but they are not ergonomic and are challenging to use. People will become distracted when information is displayed on a screen at an unfavorable angle.

The Solution

Why Should You Consider It?

While making plans takes a lot of time and effort, reviewing plans is also very essential. 

Benefits include: 

We have identified five essential functions for the engineering and construction sectors:

  • Reviewing, confirming, or evaluating a plan’s completeness for a particular purpose, such as safety,
  • To gather knowledge and take action,
  • Add comments or viewpoints to Markup,
  • Present and debate
  • Give your approval and authorization.

Architects in the building sector will review designs and plans as they develop, present, and solicit feedback from others and present for authorization and approval. 

Construction firms will review the plans to plan the construction and carry out the work by the plans. In addition, they will make notes and communicate about any issues that arise.

iPlanTables Construction Site Plan Table

Benefits of Introducing iPlanTables Workstations at Your Workplace

The iPlanTables workstation is ideal for architects, designers, engineers, artists, and other professionals who want to advance their planning skills.

Stylish & Functional

Our iPlantables workstations can help you complete tasks quickly and effectively, whether you’re looking to annotate existing plans, create new plans, or review documents, spreadsheets, and more. With this versatile workstation, you can:

  • Work with AutoCAD and other widely used business applications
  • Plans and documents can be emailed directly from the drafting desk.
  • Discover your plans in 3D through an interactive perspective.
  • Move your plans and information around the house with ease.
  • At the touch of a button, change the height or add a tilt to work alone or with others.

Paper vs Digital

Some users are still debating between using printouts and viewing plans digitally.

In terms of ROI, digital typically outperforms paper while providing significant productivity and quality advantages.

Digital allows for multi-layered, multi-colored presentations, communication and collaboration, the use of AI to highlight problems, and instant updates across all platforms, devices, and users.


This is all about making sure that plans are presented to maximize viewability. The user must be able to view and interact with the plans to ensure proper review. 


iPlanTables Models – Designed to Maximize Your Productivity

Every iPlanTables workstation was created with your needs in mind, and the display can be any of our 65″, 55″, 49″, or 43 PCAP touch screens, depending on your preferred size.

Facility Manager Series

Our #1 Seller — Articulating USA-Made Mobile Cart – Adjustable from 0 to 90 Degrees, with Sit-to-Conference Room Height iPlanTables Workstation for Maximum Flexibility.

Desktop Commander

Our #2 Seller — Converts any Existing Flat Work Surface to a Powerful Sit-Stand iPlanTables Workstation.

Office Command Center

This 4-Monitor Touchscreen Display Desk Suite Combo Creates a Complete Office Sit-Stand Desk iPlanTables Workstation Command Center – Key Information is Always Accessible.

FM Hydra

A True iPlanTables Command Center for your Complex Information Management Needs – Combining the Power of our Facility Manager with the Functionality of Extra Side Monitors for Multiple Active Screens.

V Series

A True Economical iPlanTables Workstation, Adjustable Tilt from 45 to 90 Degrees, with Sit-Stand to 6 Feet in Height.

Field Commander

A True Rugged Lockable Information iPlanTables Center, Ideal for BIM Sharing on a Floor-by-Floor Basis – a Professional Grade Jobsite Box Solution.

Job Commander

Smaller, Lighter, and More Compact than its Big Brother iPlanTables Field Commander – Powerful All-in-One Mobile Touchscreen Display Solution for Job Sites, Factories, and Industrial Floors.

Wall Mount

Electric Lift and Tilt — Transforms from Traditional Conference Room Height to an iPlanTables 45-Degree Collaboration Workstation with Built-In Wall Mounted PC.

Mobile Commander

The Mobile Commander unleashes the power of the iPlanTables workstations into your mobile vehicles and command centers.

A good workstation will always aid in completing the project smoothly and efficiently. Let us help you on your next project as you move from paper-based documents to digital ones. We’ll enjoy working with you.

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