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It’s Time to Review Your Plans Using iPlanTables Electronic Plan Review Tables

Electronic plan review table – How do you transition from a paper-based system for examining plans, specs, and construction documents to a paperless, digital system?

By driving a digital transformation strategy across your organization.

IT Technology

When examining, marking up, and commenting on construction drawings, schedules and spreadsheets, project executives should evaluate their present technology utilization.

Is technology non-existent, forcing staff to rely on antiquated, manual processes that need them to manipulate mountains of paper? Is your current technology able to supply employees with real-time data and the most up-to-date information in order to assist them in making better decisions?

What are your employees looking at, exactly?

  • Desktops and conference tables covered in paper?
  • Digital files on small desktop monitors forcing
    employees to squint, pan, zoom, and scroll all day to view the details?

According to a recent Forbes Technology study, even before Covid-19, most employees switched between different program screens up to ten times per hour, wasting up to 32 days of productive work per employee every year.

Plan Review Table

How much does that wasted time cost your company or department?

iPlanTables can assist you in achieving your digital transformation goals. We manufacture wide-format electronic plan review table workstations with wide-format industrial touchscreen workstations that can easily display a wide-format plan sheet or BIM models.

Plan Review Table – The iPlanTables Way To Drive Digital Transformation

  • What is your existing business process for getting your clients’ plans?
  • What if you get 100 drawings and need to add your remarks before distributing them?
  • How many pages do you turn every day for all your customers?
digital plan review

You must adapt your present processes to manage a digital transformation for everybody who examines plans in your company. Your organization can dramatically streamline processes, increase end-user experience, and profit from new technologies by reading digital files that are freely accessible to your customers (all you have to do is ask for them).

iPlanTables can assist you in achieving your digital transformation goals. We collaborate with all major software companies, including ProcoreBluebeamPlanGridePlanSoft, PlanSwift, and any Windows or browser-based program.

Customer Service

Customers prefer to spend less time having their project plans reviewed.

What additional possibilities do you have to provide value to your customers in going digital?

  • There are no printing fees.
  • There’s no need to drive to your office to drop off plans.
  • There are no geographical restrictions because on-site visits are no longer required.

Most of your company’s or department’s fees are likely generated in the same way it was 10 years ago. Twenty years ago. Or even longer. How can you use the transition from a paper-based department to a paperless department to speed up this routine and satisfy the time demands?

Some businesses are in a unique position to provide a speedier project plan review turnaround time while allowing their customers or project team members to go digital. Customer after customer, these digital fees can help fund and cover the costs of your company’s digital transition.

v series

You Can’t Teach History in Plan Review

touchscreen workstation

What customers and team members wanted yesterday does not mean they will want it tomorrow. Same goes for your staff. Just because you’ve “always done it this way” doesn’t mean there isn’t a better, more streamlined way to do things in the future.

It’s time to redesign the way your plan reviewers and plan managers function, Your plan employees’ approach to project plans and how your employees who work on any wide-format documents or screens (spreadsheets, pictures, GIS Mapping, BIM, Incident Reporting, and so on) view them daily.

iPlanTables digital plan review table will assist you in navigating your digital transformation journey. We’ll assist you in re-architecting your process to eliminate paper-based systems and replace them with electronic workstations that are appropriate for your business.

Every client’s situation is different. One size does not fit all.

iPlanTables doesn’t just sell workstations, we sell solutions and have over 30 years of industry experience. To find out how others are using our 4k touch scree workstations to streamline their workflows:

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