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Kevin Rowe Chairman and CEO iPlanTables

With 32 years in blueprinting and leadership at a top National Reprographics Shop, Kevin Rowe shifted to digital formats, revolutionizing project plans. He was hired by Goldman Sachs to author a paper, by Adobe to create an AEC-friendly Adobe Acrobat, and by Xerox to create national training materials. Kevin Rowe is a keynote speaker at global conferences, has led industry associations, and pioneered iPlanTables in 2011. Know More

Implementing an Electronic Plan Review(eplan review)

Cities, municipalities, and general contractors are always looking for ways to make the plan review process more efficient. Implementing an electronic plan review (eplan review) can help to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a review.

Subcontractors can also benefit from using an electronic system by being able to easily submit their plans and track the progress of their projects. Plan reviewers will appreciate having a streamlined process that makes it easier to find information and complete their reviews.

Electronic plan reviews are becoming increasingly popular, so now is the perfect time to start using one yourself.

Electronic Plan Review(eplan review) Implementation:

Level 1 – Form a strategy – We go over the steps to form a plan

Level 2 – Jump Right In! – Learn how your teams can start electronic plan review (eplan review) and start implementing it 45 minutes after the webinar!

Level 3 – You’ve got the right knowledge now it’s time to move to the next level – Choosing the right software’s will impact your organization for decades, we help you choose wisely

The iPlanTables workstation is revolutionizing the
construction and plan review industry with its innovation in construction plan management, and it is quickly reshaping the way that construction projects are managed.

iPlanTables offers a unique, interactive, multi-monitor
setup that allows construction plan managers to see the construction plans at one time, in one view.
This “better than paper” experience is made possible by the iPlanTables expansive work area, which gives construction plan and project managers the ability to review plans more thoroughly and make changes more easily.

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The iPlanTables workstation is changing the construction industry by making it easier for construction professionals to manage their projects and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

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Plans are a crucial part of any project, and with electronic plan review, they’re now accessible to multiple people at once. This means that even if you work in different departments all over town (building/fire or planning/zoning), your team can be efficient because every user gets an opportunity for feedback on their own copy of the plans!

Pre-pandemic, pandemic, post-pandemic – you can continue with digital plan review no matter what scenarios you face.

With iPlanTables, there are no more lost plans, no more searching for misplaced drawings, and no more delays waiting for someone to finish their review so you can start yours. iPlanTables is changing the way construction projects are managed by making the switch to digital workflows for plan management.

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If you’re still printing out your plans and reviewing them on paper, it’s time for a change. Converting to an electronic plan review (eplan review) process can save you time and money. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help set up your system that will make life easier for everyone involved!

iPlanTables provides several configurations where you can work across multiple monitors and increase your screen real estate. Electric Lift. Electric Tilt. Sit-Stand. All features are included in our iPlanTables electronic workstations.

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