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iPlanTables Interactive Touch Screen Monitors for A Better Work Experience

Interactive Touch Screen Monitors by iPlanTables – A Workstation to Fit All Needs!

Our workstations inside Procore’s 2022 World of Concrete Booth

Paperless technology

Your Choice – mountains of paper, outdated the minute they are printed and not very green!

It’s just a better way to review and manage plan sheets!

iPlanTables Interactive Touch Screen Monitors First-Time User Utilizing Procore’s World-Class Project Management Software

  • Increase productivity
  • Electronic markup – no markers, protractors or rulers
  • Plan sheets open on large 4k interactive touch monitor with side monitors available to show your specs, codebook, email, or spreadsheets – in portrait or landscape modes
  • Collaboration
  • Multi-project sustainability
  • Eliminate plotting and printing costs
  • Eliminate time waiting for printed information, start bidding in minutes
  • Flip to any sheet in seconds
  • Work on bids with others – in real time
  • Sit-Stand-Collaborate-Meetings and Training Positions
  • Perfect for BIM collaboration
  • Better than paper experience
  • Training requires a Soda a Sandwich and a Saturday

iPlanTables has a wide variety of model choices always with multiple monitors, something others don’t even offer!

Don’t settle for a monitor on a stick!

If you’re serious about managing digital information there is no other choice than an iPlanTables wide-format touch screen monitor workstation.

Starting in 2010 iPlanTables innovated the plan review and project collaboration workstation. Over time competition is inevitable and we welcome it.

We think its time to compare our industrial grade multi-monitor workstations vs. simple single monitor products on lightweight portable stands.

iPlanTables Touchscreen Monitors & displays at tradeshow

You Choose!

iPlanTablesCompetition (?)
iplantables image
Base Mobile Cart built in USA by iPlanTablesImported
9 models1 Model
Built for Plan Reviewers, Project Managers, Superintendents, Archivists, and Plan Sheet users from Day OneBuilt for Audio Visual
Multi monitors-up to 5Single monitor
External PC-not impacted by heat from Micro to Xeon-standard Or you can provide Your OwnOptional-Embedded PC slows with heat of monitor, no options
Surge protector-standardNA
UPS Battery back-up-standardNA
Articulating keyboard work surface -standardFixed and optional
Conference Room Height-79″NA-59″
Job site castersNA
Custom Corporate ColorsNA
Printer Plate optionalNA
Apple TV availableNA
Wireless keyboard & Mouse standardNA
Logitech Conference Cam AvailableNA

Customer Comments

The comments could fill many pages, but we’ll stop here.

iPlanTables will change the way you work, communicate and run your projects, departments, and workflows.

iPlanTables Produces Their Own Stand Right in the USA – The Only Company Who Does!

iPlanTables - built by us
iPlanTables - built by us

Built By Us – Built in the USA

The Desktop Commander – turnkey complete with PC

iPlanTables gives you multiple choices to fit your needs!

Our Models with Over 200 Configurations

Office Command Center

FM Hydra Command Center
FM Hydra Command Center
FM Hydra Command
FM Hydra Command

Quit using small error prone monitors or worst yet paper plans that are handled by anyone or everyone!


Room to Add a Printer

FM-ELT Series 43″ – 49″ – 55″ Mobile Workstations Sit-Stand-Flat-Conference room modes. The ultimate solution and our number-one seller

interactive touch screen monitors

FM-ELT Hydra – 55″ with up to 5 total monitors

interactive touch screen monitors

FM-ELT OCC Office Command Center- 55″ Dual Sit-Stand desks with 4 total monitors

Desktop Commander – 43″ Touchscreen with up to 5 total monitors, the stand converts the desktop with a flat surface to an electric tilt sit stand workstation – move the monitor, not the whole desk!

field commander

FC-49 Field Commander. Designed as a professional workstation and not a TV mounted in a box, the Field Commander incorporates a professional-level touchscreen monitor, PC, printer, UPS battery backup, washable keyboard and mouse, and the only ventilated and cooled job box on the market!

best interactive touch screen display
wall mount monitor

Wall Mount 55″ – 75″ The industry’s only electric articulating Wall Mount Touchscreen Monitor that transitions from conference room height to a 45 degree collaboration station.

Our standard features aren’t even available from our competition

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