United Brotherhood of Carpenters
Kevin Rowe Chairman and CEO iPlanTables

With 32 years in blueprinting and leadership at a top National Reprographics Shop, Kevin Rowe shifted to digital formats, revolutionizing project plans. He was hired by Goldman Sachs to author a paper, by Adobe to create an AEC-friendly Adobe Acrobat, and by Xerox to create national training materials. Kevin Rowe is a keynote speaker at global conferences, has led industry associations, and pioneered iPlanTables in 2011. Know More

International Training Center

iPlanTables and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners have partnered together to train electronic plan reading, viewing and management. “iPlanTables workstations are the future, it allows our members access to the the latest technology and training availableAndy Carr Sr. Technical Coordinator

United Brotherhood of Carpenters

United Brotherhood of Carpenter | Burns & McDonnell, The Builders-AGC open a Career center for the trades in North Kansas City

At the center of the facility is a hands-on training module. The module includes various mechanical and electrical systems prospective trade workers would see on an industrial job. Behind the module sits an iPlanTables Digital Plan Table to teach workers how to navigate the 3D model.

KC Business Journal By Sydnie Savage – Reporter, Kansas City Business Journal
Oct 19, 2023

Innovative and Simple

With iPlanTables, innovation meets simplicity. Every component and accessory is thoughtfully designed to enhance functionality while being incredibly easy to use.

Experience efficiency like never before with the iPlanTables workstations – where your needs meet our innovation.

Time and space savings? You bet.

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Remember, with iPlanTables, it’s not just about doing work; it’s about doing work smarter.

Click on the link below to schedule a personalized live interactive demo webinar for you and your team. Pick a convenient time — allow about 30 minutes:

iPlanTables designs and fabricates its integrated mobile stands in the USA.

iPlanTables also partners with all major software’s including Procore, Bluebeam, PlanGrid, ePlanSoft, PlanSwift and in fact we work with any Windows or browser-based software.

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Looking forward to talking soon about your current process and how we might be able to help you save time and money by streamlining into a digital workflow.

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