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The First Hardware Tool Built for Plan Managers

In the dynamic world of strategic planning and project management, professionals constantly seek innovative tools to streamline their efforts and drive success. Today, we’re excited to unveil the first of its kind – a hardware tool meticulously crafted to empower plan managers like never before. This groundbreaking device is set to revolutionize how plan managers strategize, execute, and achieve their objectives.

Managing project information is one of your biggest challenges.


  • Paper-based communications
  • Lack of adaptation of professional-grade software
  • Resistance to change
  • Small, inefficient desktop screens
  • Trying to view plan sheets on small phones and tablets
iPlanTables Innovated the First TOOL Designed for Professionals to Manage Project Information
  • Better than paper! Full-size plan matching 4k touchscreen monitors, with multiple side monitors
  • Enhances project management software and improves its performance
  • If you can run a cell phone, you can operate an iPlanTables workstation
  • Up to 5 monitors to run ALL your project softwares – markup, spreadsheet, email and more
  • Monitors that match your information: large and small, portrait or landscape
  • No need to constantly be panning, zooming, and scrolling to see the details
On any given day, on any given project someone is looking at the wrong information!

Plan Managers – iPlanTables is not just an electronic workstation

Our Workstations provide an approach to a future filled with digital convenience and digital efficiencies

Electronic Workstation

The Desktop Commander – an all electronic workstation with up to 5 monitors

paper planning
Get rid of the “room”

No more wrestling with oversized plan sets or struggling to view large format documents on a tiny screen. Panning-zooming-scrolling 100’s of times a day to enlarge the small details. With our touchscreen monitor boasting a stunning 4K resolution, you’ll experience every detail with unrivaled clarity.

Why should you consider switching to iPlanTables?

  • Efficiency: Say goodbye to the clutter and confusion of paper-based systems. With iPlanTables, your important documents are just a touch away.
  • Productivity: Our electronic turnkey workstation is designed to increase productivity. No more wasted hours searching for documents or deciphering tiny details on small screens.
  • Cost-effective: Over time, the cost of printing and storing physical paper construction documents adds up. Add up the cost of storage space, and manhours spent searching for the documents, let alone printing those documents. By going digital, you’ll save both time and money.

Plan Managers

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our satisfied customers have to say:

“Thank you so much! Our iPlanTable is awesome!” – MB, Facilities Software Provider

“I couldn’t wait to start using my new iPlanTable. It looks great and is built very nice. You guys rock! Thank you!” – SH, Plans Examiner/Building Inspector

“Best tool we have ever added” JB, Estimator

The transition from paper to digital might seem daunting, but with iPlanTables, it’s a breeze. Our team is ready to guide you through every step of the journey.

Ready to embrace the future of construction documentation?

Visit our website or contact our team’s email below. Or call us at 888-836-2727 to learn more about how iPlanTables can transform your workflow.

Let’s start driving innovation.

Turnkey Workstation

The V Series
sit stand workstation

Accessible PC Mount-allows for max cooling-Never hidden in the back with poor accessibility or enclosed in a metal cabinet!
metal cabinet

UPS battery backup and Surge Protector standard on all iPlanTables!
UPS Battery backup and surge protector

Need a Printer? iPlanTables can add that too!

Webcams have been on every iPlanTables workstation since 2010
Zoom, Teams, Slack we work with them all – Face level microphone for clear interaction
web cam

Need a more powerful Webcam? iPlanTables can build a custom solution for your needs like a conference cam for larger meetings, trainings, or gatherings!

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