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Touch the Future with iPlanTables 4k Smart Touch Screen Workstation

What if you could touch the future? With an iPlanTables 4k Smart Touch Screen Workstation, you can. This futuristic workstation is designed to let you interact with your plans and designs like never before. You’ll be able to swipe, pinch, and zoom with ease, making it easier than ever to get a feel for your project. Plus, the built-in 4K display ensures that your images and text are clear and easy to read. So why not touch the future today?

If you’re a contractor, subcontractor, estimator, project manager, or anyone who uses spreadsheets, plan sheets or other wide-format documents in your line of work, then you need to check out iPlanTables.

Some benefits of using an iPlanTables 4k smart touch screen workstation for those who review digital construction plan documents include the following.

Increased clarity and resolution – With a 4k resolution, you can see all the details in your construction plans with incredible clarity. Images are crystal clear. Text is also. This is essential for accurate plan review and reviewing detailed construction plans and spreadsheets.

iPlanTables is proud to offer custom-built 4k resolution Smart Touch Screen Workstations. Our large touchscreen monitors provide increased clarity and resolution when viewing large digital construction plan files, BIM files, and spreadsheets. Our workstations can help our customers increase their efficiency and productivity when reviewing these types of documents. With our high-resolution monitors, our customers can work with confidence knowing that all the details in their documents are clearly visible.

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Ease of use – A touch screen smart touch screen workstation makes navigating and manipulating construction plans a breeze. You can easily zoom, rotate, and otherwise manipulate plans with just a few taps of your finger. The large iPlanTables touchscreen allows you to interact with the plans directly.

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iPlanTables builds custom 4k Smart Touch
Workstations with large touchscreen monitors and electric lift and electric tilt for ease of sit-stand use. This makes it easy for you to navigate, mark up and comment on digital construction plans, BIM files, and spreadsheets. So if you’re looking to improve your workflow and make your job easier, then iPlanTables is the perfect solution for you.

Increased productivity – With a smart touch screen workstation, you can speed through your plan reviews like never before. You’ll be able to work faster and more efficiently, which means you’ll get your job done quicker.

The team at iPlanTables has a wealth of experience in the construction industry and understands the need for greater productivity in the workplace. Our custom 4k Smart Touch Table Workstations with large touchscreen monitors and electric lift and electric tilt for ease of sit-stand use can help you increase your productivity by working faster and more efficiently. With our products, users can easily view wide-format documents and spreadsheets, making it easier to work with complex plans. Our workstations also feature a comfortable, ergonomic design that allows users to switch between sitting and standing as needed.

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In addition, our products are built to allow you to see with clarity all project plan building codes and details, ensuring that projects are safe and adhere to the relevant codes. With our products, users can be more productive and efficient while working on construction projects of all sizes.

Our tables are built specifically for those who use spreadsheets, plan sheets or other wide-format documents. This means that there is no need to adjust to a new workstation – it is designed to fit your needs.

Increased accuracy – When reviewing construction plans, accuracy is key. With a 4k touchscreen smart touch screen workstation, you’ll have all the tools you need to ensure that your reviews are as accurate as possible.

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At iPlanTables, we understand that in order to increase accuracy, you need to be able to see the big picture. That’s why we build custom 4k Smart Touch Screen Workstations with large touchscreen monitors. With our electric lift and electric tilt, it’s easy to go from sitting to standing, which helps increase accuracy and productivity. We also help our customers reduce eye strain by providing electric tilt which allows you to change the viewing angle for the current task. Individual viewing? Tilt to a 45-degree reading angle for easy reading and commenting. Training mode? Tilt to a 90-degree angle. Collaboration mode? Tilt or go to a flat touch mode. Each model is different and customized to what your needs are. If you’re looking for a way to increase accuracy, contact us today and see how we can help!

The benefits of the iPlanTables 4k Smart

Touch Screen Workstation are clear. Increased clarity and resolution make it easier to see what is on the screen; ease of use means that anyone can start using it immediately with very little training; increased productivity means that tasks that used to take hours can now be completed in minutes; and increased accuracy means fewer mistakes.

If you are looking for a way to increase your team’s productivity, accuracy, and overall efficiency, contact us today about the future of construction plan review. The future of estimating. The future of creating and managing project information.

iPlanTables has several different 4k Smart Touch Screen Workstation models with hundreds of custom configurations.

Questions? We offer a 30-minute webinar consultation to help explain how the future is touch and touch is the future of construction technology. Touch the future today! Click below to Book your Webinar now!

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