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Breaking the Mold: iPlanTables Multi Touch Display Monitor for Wide-Format Documents

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the quest for enhanced efficiency and productivity remains a constant. For professionals dealing with wide-format documents, the limitations of traditional same-size dual monitors become glaringly apparent. However, with the emergence of Multi Touch display monitors, a new dimension of interaction and efficiency unfolds.

Architects, engineers, contractors, and various industry experts grapple with the challenge of managing extensive plans, spreadsheets, and large images on screens that fall short of providing an immersive experience. 

This is where the revolutionary concept of multi touch display monitors steps in, redefining the work environment and setting a new standard for productivity.

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Seamless Multitasking: Unleashing Potential with Multi Touch Display in Document Inspection

The Dilemma of Wide-Format Documents

The dilemma of wide-format documents is a common struggle faced by professionals across industries like architecture, engineering, and law enforcement.

Trying to simultaneously review large plan drawings and smaller documents on separate monitors often leads to inefficiency and frustration. One monitor may shrink the larger image, while the other renders the smaller document barely visible.

This issue becomes even more pronounced when dealing with extensive spreadsheets, necessitating constant panning and zooming.

iPlanTables understands this challenge and aims to revolutionize traditional setups by offering a comprehensive solution. With their innovative approach, professionals can enjoy an immersive experience that caters to their diverse needs, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows.

Say goodbye to the limitations of conventional setups and embrace a new era of efficiency with iPlanTables.

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iPlanTables: Redefining Workstations with Multi Touch Display

Enter iPlanTables, a pioneer in the field of multi-touch display workstations. Their innovative approach involves creating multi-sized, multi monitor workstation models that cater to the specific demands of professionals dealing with wide-format documents. Offering 4K wide-format touchscreens ranging from 43 inches to a whopping 75 inches, iPlanTables ensures a superior working experience.

What sets iPlanTables apart is the incorporation of additional side monitors, allowing users to configure dual, triple, or quad setups. The wide-format large monitor, situated as the primary touchscreen display, is oriented in landscape mode. The side monitors, measuring 24 inches, are non-touch and can be rotated to accommodate portrait mode.

Moreover, the inclusion of side monitors enables users to adapt their viewing modes based on the nature of the content – whether it’s a spec book, code book, email, or other documents.

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Unleashing the Power of Multi Touch Display

The advantages of iPlanTablesmulti-touch display extend beyond their size and configurability. The main monitors tilt at a 45-degree angle, emulating the optimal viewing angle for plan drawings. This unique feature, often overlooked, significantly enhances the overall viewing experience.

Research supports the effectiveness of multi-monitor setup. The University of Utah conducted a study revealing that multiple screens outperformed single screens on various parameters, including efficacy, comfort, learning ease, time to productivity, and mistake recovery. Participants in the study found multi-monitor configurations to be more efficient, comfortable, and productivity-enhancing.

Microsoft experts echo these findings, stating that multiple display monitors can boost productivity by 9 to 50%. According to a research tech consultant, users of multiple monitors reported a staggering 42% increase in productivity. Wichita State University researchers concurred, with 98% of participants favoring a two-monitor setup over a single monitor, citing increased efficiency and reduced annoyance.

iPlanTables: Shaping the Future of Workstations

In essence, iPlanTables has turned the norm of traditional multiple monitor setups on its head. By providing an interactive touchscreen for wide-format documents and supplementary side monitors that can be adjusted for optimal viewing, iPlanTables has created a versatile and efficient workstation.

Whether it’s construction plans, spreadsheets, or large images, iPlanTables offers configurations that significantly expand screen real estate. With features like Electric Lift, Electric Tilt, and Sit-Stand, iPlanTables electronic workstations provide a comprehensive solution tailored to the diverse needs of professionals.

Take control of your desktop, eliminate paper clutter, and unlock unprecedented productivity levels with iPlanTables. As they proudly produce their stands in the USA, offering nine models with over 200 configurations, iPlanTables is a testament to innovation and excellence in multi touch display workstations.

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