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iPlanTables Mobile Command Center:
Works as Hard as You Do

The Mobile Command center from iPlanTables is built to be reliable in highly rugged environments, making it ideal for businesses with field operations, including fire and law enforcement. The Mobile Commander unleashes the power of the iPlanTables brand workstations in mobile vehicles and command centers. With a large 43″ 4K touchscreen, the Mobile Commander is perfect for running GIS, Google Earth, and Personnel Locator software. Slide your workstation in or out of the back of your vehicle for easy access.

This mobile workstation is designed to be your main digital workspace in the field. It is a turnkey solution with a PC, electric tilt, and UPS battery backup. Its sizeable 43-inch touchscreen monitor allows you to see the big picture and all the small details while using this workstation as your primary center of operations on the road. The Mobile Commander is ideal for anyone needing digital information in the field. It includes a waterproof keyboard and mouse, an inverter, and a UPS battery backup. The Mobile Commander also includes a multi-position slide-out, and the monitor folds flat to 90 degrees.

The Mobile Commander is the perfect way to have a sophisticated command center that can go where you go. It’s great for field operations and is an affordable way to get the features and industrial quality you need in a mobile office solution.

Mobile Command Center by iPlanTables: It’s like having a touchscreen computer on wheels! 

The iPlanTables Mobile Commander is an all-inclusive, durable vehicle bed with a touchscreen data command center that can be used to increase efficiency and improve safety. The slide-out moves your sensitive digital information from the back of your command vehicle into multiple positions for ease of use. It’s like having a touchscreen computer on wheels! You’ll also appreciate being able to manage incidents and locate personnel when needed on-site with this mobile device-ready unit.

Benefits include:

  • Decreased Response Time: Mobile command centers provide an invaluable service to any company with the need for mobility. They save time and resources by providing quick access information about the current state of play, which can be especially important in times where there’s been a crime or emergency services called out. The benefits don’t stop at just these cases either; if you have employees who work outside their office then this allows them easy mobile information on what is happening at all times within your organization while still giving valuable updates when needed.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is key.  Assigning a specific vehicle as your Mobile Commander – with the access to your digital data and information – brings the full force of your data to the necessary location.  No need to squint at small smart phone screens, or tablets to view the information
  • Remote Office: Imagine working in the field with your digital equipment and data at your fingertips.  You can shelter it using this handy mobile command center that’s been designed to slide out and allow you access inside or outside of any ca. With all communication hardware centralized into one location, you’ll be able see more information on one large 4k industrial monitor than ever before.  Get map updates as well as live video feeds straight from drones overhead – whatever software data you currently use will be displayed with high clarity and resolution on your 4k monitor.  
  • Your Go-To: Your Mobile Commander is your go-to for quick communication. You can be the hub of operations, giving fast and clear updates to everyone on scene

A Revolution in Field Response

The Mobile Commander’s large touchscreen display allows you to view all of your critical information at a glance. Save time and money by using it as an office for field work and bringing this mobile command center with you when responding to emergency or rescue operations.

Our large 43-inch touchscreen industrial monitor allows you to see everything in one place and work more efficiently using this mobile office. This is an ideal tool for any job that will give fire investigation and law enforcement teams easy access to their missions while keeping them up-to-date.

The Mobile Commander:  Your Field Office

This iPlanTables mobile workstation is the perfect solution and ideal tool for companies with field operations. 

It’s a mobile command center with a large touchscreen display, making it easy to view all critical information in one place. This mobile office allows you to see everything in one place and work more efficiently. This mobile office is a time and money saver because your staff in the field can access their information quickly and stay up to date. With this iPlanTables mobile command center, you’ll have the power to stay in control and get the job done right.

The Mobile Commander is a digital office on wheels and is the future of mobile command centers. Order yours today!

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