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How Can Large Touch Screen Workstations – Reduce Costs in Your Workplace?

Can we make it any less expensive? Can we move the handover date up? Two frequently asked questions by project managers in construction, planning, architecture and design firms and departments across the country. Large Touch Screen Monitors of the Office Command Center will do the job.

Businesses in every industry are looking for ways to cut costs, and many are turning to technology for help. Opting for technology can help businesses to boost efficiency, increase productivity and cut costs.

But this isn’t about purchasing every gadget on the market. Instead, continue reading to learn how large touch screen workstations can save you thousands of dollars in operating costs regardless of your industry. Anyone who works with wide-format documents, images, and spreadsheets, requiring multiple monitors for multiple tasks, will benefit and reduce expenses straight to the bottom line.

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Time Management and Workplace Collaboration Are Made Easier With Large Touch Screen Technology

Large Touch Screen Technology

There’s simply no other way to put it: time is money. So when it comes to meetings, conferences, feedback, revisions, and collaboration, you want to get as much done as possible in the least amount of time. Nothing, however, can save time like quick and effective technology.

It all comes down to keeping things as simple as possible. In many cases, the project manager is in charge of this.

Collaboration among construction teams, contractors, designers, and architects, is not an easy task.

Introducing a large touch screen workstation in workplaces has been one of the most significant technological changes that have aided countless construction, planning, architecture, engineering and design firms in recent years.

Here are a few examples of how workstations are assisting in the smooth and efficient feedback process:

Annotations and Mark-Ups

Annotate blueprints and design documents directly on the large touch screen in the workplace to ensure that you never miss a team member’s input.

Now you won’t have to waste time calling people to confirm what they said or digging through piles of paper or separate notes to match up feedback.


If you make changes on the spot with a client or designer, your digital transformations on the workstation will be saved to a shared access point. So you have the updates, and so does everyone else who is working on the project.

Task Assigning

You can digitally assign tasks and responsibilities as you review progress with the right software, allowing you to track who is doing what and when they will deliver the work.

Post-Meeting Sharing

Finally, don’t underestimate the time you’ll save by digitally sharing new documents. For example, if your internal team has been working and has a new 3D rendering of the final design ready to go, you can immediately share it with other team members, the general contractor, subcontractors, and the project’s owner.

For more information, check out the workstation models offered by iPlanTables.

iPlanTables – The Great Benefits and the Reasons for Choosing Them

The iPlanTables workstation range is designed for architects, engineers, and plan reviewers. These incredible devices provide everything you need to present, collaborate, and share your ideas, with easy control over documents via the multi-touch screen.

Because of the stunning 4K resolution, you won’t miss out on any design details or specifications.

Everything is right in front of your team and (as long as you keep your shared files organized!) right where you need it to be, so there’s no need to interrupt a meeting to get the latest printouts or call subcontractors to ensure they’ve received the latest updates in the mail.

Wide-format touchscreen display technology allows for the automation of business processes at all stages of construction, from planning to final inspection.

It’s all about minimizing wasted time and keeping delays to an absolute minimum – the ideal outcome for everyone.

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The right workplace ergonomic setup will improve your productivity, bolster your health and morale, and ensure that you are able to work with optimal efficiency for years to come.

Let us help you switch from small screens to a flexible large touch screen workstation, easily accessible for all employees.

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