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How Can Your Company or Organization Go Paperless?

Paperless processes can be achieved when digital devices are used to display and share information and data. By converting, the carbon impact can be minimized, your organization can save money, and employees may access data anytime thanks to the cloud.

Why don’t organizations use paperless meetings? Or switch from paper-based tasks to digital ones? Many reasons. But the main one is companies are unsure if changing the system will work.

How to Go Paperless Company in Three Steps:

First :
Assemble a team and form a strategy. We can’t express how important this step is. Most software implementations fail due to a lack of initial training time dedicated to all the functions a software provides. Dedicate the time at the front end and it provides years of productivity. Once a procedure is accomplished, screen record it and start a training video folder for others or new hires to access. A picture is worth a thousand words; a video is worth a million.

benefits of paperless

The software you use will affect your transition. By researching the software you’ll use, you can save your company time, money, and headaches.

iPlanTables is Switzerland when it comes to software selections. We are neutral. We manufacture the hardware touchscreen monitor workstation – and iPlanTables works with all Windows-based softwares.

Second :
Invest in the necessary hardware and equipment. Without it, your staff will have a hard time adapting to your new paperless initiative.

Giving your staff the necessary tools, plus educating them about going paperless, will help them adapt and embrace the change with positive anticipation.

iPlanTables workstations are tools for project professionals. Digital plan users have always been a “whatever”.

iPlanTables is the Nation’s First and Leading Supplier of Electronic Touchscreen Workstations.

They will help streamline your company’s workflow in many areas, including:

touchscreen workstation

Third :
Digitize paper documents.

Digital copies of all documents can reduce or eliminate the requirement for physical paper copies and help you to go paperless. Anyone who needs a copy of a document can receive it digitally and store it on their device. Plus, digital documents (drawings, PDF, spreadsheets, etc.) are easy to handle with the Windows software you already use on your company PCs or laptops.

Using digital documents instead of paper ones will ultimately reduce the carbon footprint. Switching to digital documents will help eliminate paper consumption and significantly cut carbon footprint.

iPlanTables workstations will help you and your employees streamline your paperless and “going digital” initiatives. Using our industrial wide-format 4K touch screen monitors, your staff can use any Windows-based software programs your company or department currently uses or plans to use.

From This…

Pile of papers

To This…

FM Hydra by iPlanTables

How many times have you or your staff had to flip back and forth between documents on your PC when you wished you could see them all at once?

iPlanTables provides several configurations where you can work across multiple monitors without a hitch! Put your wide-format drawing or spreadsheet on the large iPlanTables 4K touchscreen monitor. Add your email to one side monitor. Add your PDF codebook, spec book, or other documents to a second side monitor.

Need to expand your personal command center? Add a third monitor for internet browser searches. A fourth for your scheduling calendar. You get the idea.

In just a few seconds you can take control of your Desktop, eliminate paper, and work more productively and efficiently

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