FMOCC-ELT Office Command Center

FMOCC-ELT55HD Electric Lift & Tilt

FMOCC-ELT554K Electric Lift & Tilt

1 Electric Sit-Stand-Flat-Training Modes workstation 2 Monitors

i Side Companion Desk 30x60 Sit-Stand Desk with 2 Additional Monitors

Replace your Desk or Cubicle with an Office Command Center!

Standard equipment

FM-E models    i7 PC  16gb ram 4gb graphics card 1tb hard drive, Apple TV, keyboard work surface, webcam, 2nd 24" monitor, wireless/wired network, wireless keyboard & mouse Windows 10 Pro


Intel Xeon PC

Graphics card update

Conference room cameras

Wireless Collaboration Hubs

Client furnished PC

Helping You See the Big Picture