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Construction professionals and plan reviewers agree on one thing: it’s all about communication! Effective communication forms the backbone of successful projects, especially when critical decisions hinge on detailed plans, specs, and BIM models. The challenge intensifies with the integration of drone imagery, lean planning, and laser scanning, creating a perfect storm of information convergence. To manage this complexity, you need a reliable tool for construction that streamlines your digital workflow and enhances communication across all levels.

iPlanTables provides the perfect tool to handle this enormous task of managing ALL project communications.

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The Importance of a Comprehensive Tool for Construction

In the modern construction landscape, relying on small screens can severely hamper productivity. The average employee using only small screens spends 30 minutes daily just panning, zooming, and scrolling through documents.

This minor inconvenience adds up quickly, amounting to a staggering 2,600 hours per year for a company with 20 employees. By using a robust tool for construction like iPlanTables, you can significantly reduce this wasted time, improving overall productivity and project efficiency.

Let’s break down the numbers:
  • 1 employee: 130 hours/year wasted
  • 5 employees: 650 hours/year wasted
  • 10 employees: 1,300 hours/year wasted
  • 20 employees: 2,600 hours/year wasted
Considering an average salary of $50,000 per year, the financial losses become apparent:
  • 1 employee: ~$3,250/year lost
  • 5 employees: ~$16,250/year lost
  • 10 employees: ~$32,500/year lost
  • 20 employees: ~$65,000/year lost

Minutes become hours; hours become weeks; weeks become months.

Try managing this on a 30″ screen
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Enhancing Productivity with iPlanTables: The Ultimate Tool for Construction

iPlanTables offers a transformative tool for construction that mitigates these inefficiencies. With a larger, more efficient workspace, iPlanTables allows construction professionals to view and interact with project documents more effectively. This professional tool supports all types of project communications, from initial planning stages to final execution, ensuring that every team member stays on the same page.

Upgrade to iPlanTables Workstations — The Ultimate Solution

It’s Not What You Can See that Worries You; It’s What You Miss that Creates Risk!

Real Results from Our Clients

“Switching to iPlanTables has been revolutionary for our team. Productivity has soared, and the ergonomic benefits are clear. It’s an investment that pays for itself.” — Senior Building Code Official

Take Action Now

Don’t let outdated tech cripple your productivity. Upgrade to iPlanTables and see immediate improvements in efficiency, productivity, overhead costs, and overall job satisfaction. Visit our website or contact your dedicated point of contact, Kevin Rowe, to learn more with a customized demonstration.

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Reclaim your productivity and save thousands today

Don’t just take our word for it; see firsthand how an iPlanTables workstation can revolutionize your projects. Book a 30-minute demo now by clicking on the link below!

Efficiency and innovation are not just buzzwords—they are the foundation we build at iPlanTables. We invite you to experience the power and precision of our workstations firsthand.

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