iPlanTables Advantages

  • Dual Monitors Standard, up to five are available
  • Full Size Keyboard & Mouse Work Surface (patent pending)
  • Shortcut keys on a full size wireless keyboard
  • Touchscreen,  Mouse and Keyboard
  • Rugged and Durable Field tested
  • Our Mobile Cart is American Made
  • Multiple Monitor Manufacturers
  • 7 years of experience

iPlanTables sold the first version of their stand 5 years ago, durability and "wobble" became an issue and we developed our current mobile cart, available only form iPlanTables

iPlanTables ELFM Model Circa 2014 Discontinued due to long term ruggedness issues

We can sell you one but would rather not!


Helping You See the Big Picture

The Competition? Not Really!

Simple Tilt Stands

  • One Monitor
  • No Keyboard or Mouse
  • No Shortcut Keys
  • No Mouse - Touch only
  • Starts to Sway on Large Monitors after a few months, we know we used to sell it !
  • Imported
  • Single Monitor Manufacturer
  • No Experience

We get asked all the time "What is the advantage of an iPlanTables Workstation?"

The answer is more like what are the advantages because there are quite a few.

  1. Touchscreens are intuitive to humans, they can be twice as fast as using a mouse
  2. The Sit-Stand health benefits are well documented  and it is much more comfortable for professionals who have to work at their desks all day
  3. Eliminating the constant pan-zoom-scroll that is required when using small monitors and a mouse.
  4. Estimating is faster because the estimator can can quickly mark-up and navigate a set of plans.
  5. Plotting costs eliminated
  6. Printing costs eliminated
  7. Document retrieval in minutes not hours.
  8. Archive millions of documents
  9. Collaboration with others is professional, no having to look over shoulders or trying to share an tablet.
  10. Turn over the whole project on the iPlanTable instead of unused paper plans, three ring binders or difficult to navigate DVD's - for less money!