iPlanTables Mobile Workstation

iPlanTables Mobile Jobsite Commander Workstations:
Powering Productivity on the Go

In the fast-paced world of construction and project management, having access to critical information and tools at your fingertips can be a game-changer. iPlanTables introduces a lineup of powerful and innovative mobile jobsite commander workstations designed to meet the demands of the modern worksite.

Whether you need a rugged, lockable workstation for your construction projects or a compact job box solution for factory floors, iPlanTables has you covered. And for those on the move, the Mobile Commander ensures you have all the tools you need in your vehicle or command center.

Let’s explore these advanced workstations and how they can elevate your productivity.

Mobile Jobsite Commander Workstations: Empowering Your Projects with iPlanTables

iPlanTables‘ mobile jobsite commander workstations are designed to be versatile and adaptable to various industries and project types. Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, or emergency response, these workstations empower your team to work smarter and more efficiently.

Field Commander: Your Portable BIM Command Center

The Field Commander is a professional-grade mobile jobsite commander workstation designed to streamline your construction projects. This rugged, lockable information center boasts an industrial touchscreen PC, and it’s ideal for BIM sharing on a floor-by-floor basis. Here’s what sets it apart:

field commander

Immersive Display:

Choose from a 49″ or 43″ 4K wide-format industrial touchscreen monitor, ensuring you have a clear view of your project details.

High-Performance PC:

The fanless i7 ruggedized external PC featuring ample RAM, a spacious Hard Drive, and a powerful Video Card ensures the smooth operation of your software.

Cooling Innovation:

The vented and cooled jobsite workstation is an industry-first, maintaining optimal working conditions.


Color match the workstation to your corporate colors for a professional look.

Additional Features:

HD Webcam, UPS Battery Back-Up, Washable Keyboard and Mouse, GFCI Plug, Kickout Extension Cord, Surge Protector, Casters for mobility, Cleaning Kit, and an optional Active Stylus for precision.

Job Commander: Compact Field Solution with a Lockable Job Box

The Job Commander is a compact field solution that offers all the advantages of its big brother, the Field Commander, but in a smaller, lighter package. This mobile, lockable jobsite box is perfect for various industrial environments. Here’s what it brings to the table:

mobile jobsite commander

Compact Design:

A smaller, more compact, lockable jobsite storage box makes it perfect for factory floors and other constrained spaces.

Adjustable Workstation:

Electric lift and tilt capabilities enhance your workspace’s ergonomics.

Crystal-Clear Display:

The 43″ 4K professional-grade wide-format touchscreen monitor delivers crisp visuals.

Powerful PC:

Just like the Field Commander, it features a fanless i7 ruggedized external PC, a substantial amount of RAM, ample storage capacity, and a high-performance video card.

Innovative Cooling:

The vented and cooled job box ensures optimal performance.


Optional 30×48 Side Table, color customization, HD Webcam, UPS Battery Back-Up, Wireless Full-Size Keyboard and Mouse, Surge Protector, Casters for mobility, Cleaning Kit, and an optional Active Stylus.

Mobile Commander: Unleash Power on Wheels

The Mobile Commander takes the iPlanTables workstations to a whole new level, enabling you to mobilize your projects effortlessly. Whether you’re in a vehicle or a command center, this solution empowers you with its versatility. Here’s what it offers:

jobsite box

Turnkey Solution:

The Mobile Commander includes a PC, a 43″ touchscreen monitor, electric tilt functionality, and a waterproof keyboard and mouse.

Power On the Move:

It features an inverter and a battery backup to keep you productive while on the move.

Adjustable for Every Situation:

The multi-position slide-out design and the ability to fold flat to 90 degrees make it perfect for training or demonstrating to multiple individuals at once.

Essential Accessories:

The Mobile Commander comes with a cleaning kit and offers an optional active stylus for your convenience.

The Mobile Commander is designed to meet the needs of professionals who require a mobile and adaptable solution for managing critical data and applications while on the move.

In conclusion, iPlanTables has taken mobile jobsite commander workstations to the next level with their Field Commander, Job Commander, and Mobile Commander models. These workstations offer rugged, high-performance solutions for professionals in construction, engineering, and various industrial fields, as well as for mobile command centers. With their powerful PCs, high-quality touchscreen monitors, and a range of customization options, iPlanTables workstations are the go-to choice for those looking to boost productivity and efficiency in challenging environments.

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