We get asked all the time "What is the advantage of an iPlanTable Workstation?"

The answer is more like what are the advantages because there are quite a few.

  1. Touchscreens are intuitive to humans, they can be twice as fast as using a mouse
  2. The Sit-Stand health benefits are well documented  and it is much more comfortable for professionals who have to work at their desks all day
  3. Eliminating the constant pan-zoom-scroll that is required when using small monitors and a mouse.
  4. Estimating is faster because the estimator can can quickly mark-up and navigate a set of plans.
  5. Plotting costs eliminated
  6. Printing costs eliminated
  7. Document retrievel in minutes not hours.
  8. Archive millions of documents
  9. Collaboration with others is professional, no having to look over shoulders or trying to share an tablet.
  10. Turn over the whole project on the iPlanTable instead of unused paper plans, three ring binders or difficult to navigate DVD's - for less money!

Helping You See the Big Picture


We use TV's mounted on the walls, it does the same thing.

That's like comparing a shovel with a backhoe, technically they do the same thing.

Why can't we build our own?

You can, you can build your own desk too, but you don't. The fact is our mobile cart is not available anywhere else, our keyboard work surface is patent pending and our touch technology is the best in the industry. There are over seven touch technologies out there, we build the ones that work.

We like using paper, our different colored sharpies, rulers and protractors, yellow pads and then transferring it all to Excel.

Slow, expensive and one-off copies are from days past. Modern technologies embraced by construction companies allow them to bid more, bid more accuratel and can share with others anytime, thus minimizing risk.