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It is really easy to just sell you a monitor - there are dozens of companies that will call and call to  "close" you and get the order. Then the reality hits, You will need to add the proper technology to your monitor to turn it in to a complete touchscreen workstation.   iPlanTables is the technology leader and was the originator of large format touchscreen workstations.

Our equipment is industrial grade, simple TV's from the electronics stores are never used.

iPlanTables will never hard sell our solutions. Your knowledge of the industry will quickly tell you if it is right for you and your company.  iPlanTables comes from the construction information industry.

What iPlanTables does is ensure you have the right technology, the right equipment and then supports the complete workstation nationwide.  That includes installation, PC, Laptop, Apple TV or Android integration.

We have installed solutions in 36 states and inside the nations large, medium and small construction teams, universities and subcontractors . Our 6 models allow iPlanTables to work with all size firms in the AEC space.

iPlanTables is a complete solutions provider - Workstations, Wall Mounts and Video Walls,  let iPlanTables professionals outfit your firm for the future.
Milwaukee School of Engineering installs Three iPlanTables workstations
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Now in 36 States