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Helping Our Clients See the Big Picture
Digital Workflow
Professional Services
iPlanTables       The Nations Leading Supplier of AEC Wide-Format Touchscreen Workstations
iPlanTables is dedicated  to
improving the interaction
that projects require,
projects with less paper as
there will never be a
paperless workflow.
Your iPlanTable is just one
piece of the puzzle.
iPlanTables and it's
professional services division,
iProjectSolutions can help
your team implement a digital
document workflow.
Experience and Industry Knowledge
iPlanTables assembled the most complete product offerings in the industry. Our solutions are well
engineered powerful complete workstations. iPlanTables doesn't just throw a monitor on a stand, equip it
with a low-powered PC and call it a solution. iPlanTables are complete professional turnkey solutions
personalized with touchscreen monitors, mobile carts, CAD level PC's, webcams,  full size keyboards and
mouse control, integrated UPS power supplies and back-up drives depending on your needs. Call today to
find out how large and small general contractors, subcontractors, healthcare and owners utilize their
iPlanTables incorporates 6
different models and dozens of
options designed to improve
project communications. Improved
communications means better
decisions which improve
performance and reduce risk.