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Facility Manager Series

FM-ELT554K Electric Lift & Tilt    (85% seller)

FM-ELT55HD Electric Lift & Tilt   

FM-ELT494K Electric Lift & Tilt   

FM-ELT48HD Electric Lift & Tilt

FM-MLET55HD Manual Lift & Electric Tilt

FM-MLET554K Manual Lift & Electric Tilt

FM-VS494k Manual Lift & Manual Tilt

FM-VS48HD Manual Lift & Manual Tilt

Office Command Center 4 Monitor Desk Suite 

The perfect companion to your iPlanTables FM workstation.

The combo creates a complete office sit-stand

desk workstation command center.

CC-EL3060  Electric lift 30"x 60" companion desk

​​Field Commander Series


Metal rolling job box

49" 4k  touchscreen

i7 PC 16gb ram, 1tb hd, 4gb video card

Internally cooled and ventilated, 




Metal rolling field box
48" HD touchscreen, 

i7 PC 16gb ram, 1 TB hd, 4gb video card
Internally cooled and ventilated, 


UFGI plug


Intel Xeon PC

Graphics card update

Conference room cameras

Wireless Collaboration Hubs

Client furnished PC

Microsoft Surface Tablet powered

Retrofit Kit for existing surfaces

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Click here for more model informationFMOCC -ELT Models

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